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About Us

Ethos Wealth Planners (EWP) is a group within Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd.  Promiseland provides financial services to individuals in area of life insurance planning, investment planning, estate planning and comprehensive financial planning.

Ethos Wealth Planners (EWP) is headed by Mr. Wilfred Ling of Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd. Wilfred is a professional financial practitioner servicing the needs of sophisticated mass-affluent and high networth individuals. He has written numerous articles for magazines, Straits Times and well-known for maintaining a controversial blog. He is also a featured blogger with CPF Board’s IM$avvy Blog Corner which can be found at this link:

Ethos Wealth Planners share the E.T.H.O.S. philosophy which stands for:

  • Ethics. The English word “ethics” is derived from the greek root word “ethos”.  To us, ethics simply means putting our clients’ interests first. Advisers’ performance are measured in terms of how their clients are helped, not by how much commissions they bring into the firm. Advisers are not pressured to meet high sales target.
  • Transparent. Being ethical also means ensuring that our clients understand all fees and charges. We do not deliberately embed commissions and fees into products.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Our advisers earn an honest living by providing financial services. Honesty works both ways. Advisers demonstrate honesty by doing their best in recommending suitable products and services. As suitable recommendations could pay low or no commissions, clients are expected to pay a consultation fee which may be chargeable for work actually rendered. By ensuring advisers are able to earn a sustainable honest living, they will be able to look after their clients’ interest on a long-term basis.
  • Organised. Our advisers do not work alone. Advisers work as a team. Although advisers are expected to handle all basic cases by themselves but clients’ needs are often diversified and far from “basic”. Since no advisers can claim to be specialised in all fields, they will work with other advisers in the firm and professionals to serve clients’ diversified needs.
  • Systematic. We use a system called needs-based analysis to ensure all products and services recommended are suitable. To do this, clients are required to be honest with us on their financial details and concerns so that our advisers can do their job in ensuring clients’ interests are looked after.

Feel free to contact us if you are keen to engage our services.