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10 reasons why you should write a Will through us

FIRST, you can select your executors. Because the executors hold huge powers, you can choose your most trusted executors to distribute your assets. If you have no Will, the Administrator will hold this huge power. It is better to select the person of your own choice. During your life time, you would always secure your assets and only permit your most trusted persons to handle your money. Similarly when you die, only your most trusted individuals should handle your money.

Unlike Simple Wills provided by others, our Wills is able to appoint a MAS licensed trust company either as the sole Executor or a final substitute Executor. Many individuals hesitate to write a Will because they do not know whom they can appoint as Executors. Now, there is no excuse!


  1. If you do not have a Will and you have beneficiaries who are minors, two sureties are required. You are just giving your Administrator more headaches to find two sureties.
  1. In case your children become orphans, your Will can appoint guardian(s) to take care of your kids. During your life time, you will always make sure your children are safe. When you are dead, your duty continues by appointing the most trusted guardian.

Unlike Simple Wills provided by others, our Wills is able to arrange to have guardian paid an allowance on a monthly basis and inflation adjusted.

  1. Prevent your assets from being liquidated at a bad price. If you have no Will, your assets are distributed according to certain percentages. But this assumes that the assets have a market value. But not all assets have market value such as your unlisted company shares, third party insurance policies, etc. Moreover, your property may have to be sold at a unfavourable price because certain beneficiaries may want to have cash than a share in a property. A carefully drafted Will can address this issue.

Unlike Simple Wills provided by others, our Wills is able to arrange to have the properties and investments held in testamentary trusts for maximum flexibility and avoid selling assets at unfavourable prices.

  1. Prevent your estate from falling into the hands of certain relatives. For example, if your mother remarried and you do not wish any of your estate to end up in the hands of your step-father and yet you still wish that your mother receive a certain allowance from you, you have to do some planning.

Unlike Simple Wills provided by others, you can have infinitely number of substitute groups of beneficiaries in your residual estate to prevent your estate from ending up in partial intestacy. Partial intestacy is dangerous because your unintended relatives could end up having a share in your estate.

Unlike Simple Wills, our Wills allow for a fixed allowance to your mother but cease payment once she passes away and the trust assets redirected to others

  1. Formalisation of private arrangement. It is common for individuals to make ‘private arrangements’ with their close relatives such as guardianship and how money from the estate is to be used. These ‘private arrangements’ are dangerous because of the lack of enforcement and lack of any form of legal documentation. It is better to formalised these private arrangements as official arrangement via a Will.

Unlike Simple Wills, our Wills can formalise trustee(s) arrangement and guardian(s) arrangement.

  1. If you are supporting aged parents whom you fear cannot handle lump sum payment to them, you can have a Will written to pay them in fixed allowance.

Unlike Simple Wills, our Wills permit you to legally impose on the trustee to provide fixed allowance to your aged parents using a testamentary trust. If you cannot find trusted trustee, our Wills permit you to appoint a MAS licensed trust company to do the job.

  1. If you do not wish your children to inherit your entire estate in lump sum when they reach legal age, you can pay them in stages in their adulthood so as not to spoil them with large inheritance.

Unlike Simple Wills, our Wills permit you to delay the distribution of your estate to a later dates based on certain trigger conditions or beneficiaries’ milestones.

  1. Prevent quarrels. If you do not have a Will but have multiple beneficiaries because of the intestacy law, all beneficiaries have to renounce their rights to be Administrators and agree to appoint an Administrator among themselves. Because the Administrator holds huge powers, the last thing any beneficiary would do is to renounce their rights to such huge powers.
  1. For those whose children were born of previous marriage, you may insist in your Will that your ex-spouse cannot act as sole guardian.

A Simple Will does not cater for situation in which children were born from previous marriages.

Finally, never write a Will for the sake of writing a Will or just because you read this article. While majority of Singaporeans have not written their Wills, 100% of my clients who wrote their Wills wrote rubbish Wills because of the lack of competency of their Will writers.

Our Wills are written by legal counsels who specialises in writing Wills. They do not attend to any other legal matters except writing Wills. Our Professional Estate Planner will conduct a full fact find, analyse your family situation and together with your preliminary wishes provide you with a suitable recommendations. Unlike others, you do NOT need to know EXACTLY what you want for if you already knew exactly what you want, you can write your own Will without the help of others.


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